The PROVERE iNature - Sustainable Tourism in Classified Areas Collective Efficiency Strategy is based on the exploitation and consolidation of the brand associated with the thematic focus of Nature Tourism in the classified areas of the Central Region. In particular, it aims to boost the capacity for innovation of this resource in differentiating the special attractions of the region, job creation and the enhancement of entrepreneurship in the region.

The iNature seal is a qualifying mark that represents a competitive advantage for the territory, due to cooperation among agents in giving impetus to the, in the reinforcement of the capacity of attraction and in the organization of transversal actions with strengthened potential of success.



In terms of territory, it combines the principal territories having high natural potential of the Central Region:

  • Serra da Estrela Natural Park
  • Serra do Açor Protected Landscape
  • Serra da Malcata Nature Reserve
  • Serra da Gardunha Regional Protected Landscape
  • Naturtejo Geopark
  • Vouga-Caramulo Local Natural Park
  • Sicó/Alvaiázere SPA
  • Serra D’Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park
  • Mata do Bussaco
  • Vale do Côa SPA and Faia Brava Reserve
  • Serra da Lousã
  • Sierra de Montejunto Protected Landscape


The network constituted by these territorial units establishes an integrated strategy of actions designed to prepare the regional territory for activities of trekking, mountain biking, mountaineering and birdwatching, among others, in order to boost the intrinsic potential of the endogenous resources of the territory and offer a range of excellent options in the field of Nature Tourism that reflect the trends and motivations that define the tourist demand market.

iNature, my Nature

A Nature Tourism destination design in a network of 12 territories in the inland area of the Centre of Portugal where discovering mountains, rivers and villages renders amazing experiences.

A region that encloses the largest density of natural heritage in Portugal, in a distinct landscape between North and South, Portugal and Spain, where the atlantic and mediterranean natural sceneries converge.

A network that takes you exploring the Grandes Rotas, walking paths and BTT bike routes. Places where you can birdwatch and explore a unique geological heritage and get involved with the authentic and genuine people in an all year round events calendar.

An open realm where the shepherd and herd’s transhumance comes across Art in the landscape. A vast territory that resists and subsists in the defense of a sustainable equilibrium between Man and Nature; and of biodiversity and ancient practices of preserving the landscape and its multiple uses.

A diversity of natural environments that invites you to breath the purest air, taste the freshest mineral waters, savor timeless traditional recipes and experience the rural ways of living and its search for the perfect balance between Man and Nature.

A cooperation platform between public and private stakeholders united by a common purpose and willing to contribute towards a management model for Nature classified areas. It is by building bridges, linking past and present, that we can hope to achieve a sustainable and participated strategy that values the territory socially, economically and environmentally.

A destination where innovation and sustainability follow the same path.


To be iNature is to…

01 | Prepare your journey, collecting information about the destination

02 | Use environmentally friendly means of transportation

03 | Book responsible and eco-friendly establishments

04 | Respect the local community and its heritage

05 | Explore the territory walking or cycling

06 | Preserve biodiversity and natural habitats

07 | Follow the trails’ signage and safety rules

08 | Communicate any harm made to Nature

09 | Reduce each journey´s carbon footprint

10 | Choose local meals, souvenirs and products

11 | Record the best moments of the journey

12 | Share your experience and spread the word!