This route starts at the headwaters of the Côa River, right in the middle of the Serra de Mesas. The trail descends through the mountains, between granite blocks and extensive areas of scrubland, forests and pastures towards Fóios, on footpaths and farm tracks.

This part of the GRVC route is partly shared by the Côa Headwaters Public Footpath (PR3 SBG). Beyond Fóios, the road follows the left bank of the river, surrounded by forests, meadows and pastures.

After the ascent to Cruz Alta, the descent towards the Espinho Valley where visits to several windmills can be made, including Azenha do Peça, where the river is crossed, and Moinho do Engenho. The trail between the Espinho Valley and Quadrazais follows the right bank of the Côa River towards Moinho do Rato, where we cross the river on the pedestrian footbridge and skirt around Cabeço do Colmeal and Alto da Vinha. It is possible to visit several windmills and dams on this section, as well as the Espinho Valley river beach and Quadrazais. Finally, to complete the trail it is necessary to take the detour towards Quadrazais, now off the GRVC (1.2 km of unmarked route), and continue towards the village through farmland.

25.5 Km Distance
300min Duration
826m Altitude Min.
1165m Altitude Max.
Medium Difficulté