This trail starts in the village of Rapoula do Côa. The descent towards the GRVC follows the road, on an unmarked trail (950 m). Once it reaches the GRVC, the trail sticks to the left bank of the Côa on farm tracks as far as Ínsua. From here it is possible to gain access to the village of Vale das Éguas, on an unmarked detour (2.1 km) and the Vale das Éguas river beach (700 m). The GRVC continues through woods and meadows towards Ribeira do Boi, which can be crossed during the spring, summer and part of autumn. There is a MTB/Equestrian detour from the GRVC, with the ends marked (Cró MTB/Equestrian detour), which allows the Boi Stream to be crossed further upstream, by the Cró thermal complex. After crossing the Boi stream, the GRVC climbs along farm tracks as far as the village of Seixo do Côa, before descending once again on a road to rejoin the river Côa and the Seixo do Côa river beach.

The route crosses the river by Moinho dos Pontões, passes through the village of Valongo do Moinho dos Pontões, and uses paths along the Ponte de Sequeiros access road. Before reaching Valongo do Côa there is a MTB/Horse riding detour from the GRVC, with ends marked (Valongo do Côa MTB/Equestrian detour). After crossing Ponte de Sequeiros there is an unmarked detour that gives access to Cerdeira do Côa. The GRVC follows the left bank of the Côa until it reaches the road and the José Luís bridge. At this bridge there is an unmarked detour that provides access to the village of Miuzela and the Badamalos river beach. This trail ends by crossing the José Luís bridge and climbing up to Vilar Maior on the road and farm tracks, also passing the village of Badamalos, on an unmarked detour (4.4 km).

13,2 Km Distance
180min Duration
651m Altitude Min.
759m Altitude Max.
Medium Difficulty