The Luz Houses are the result of a passion and the desire to create a unique and special space! Here, each house tells a story, each tree keeps a secret and each stone invites us to lose ourselves in a place where the past, present and future play together in harmony.

In the middle of the Serra de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park, inspired by the traditional architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Luz Houses take us back to our origins. Here we take unhurried strolls along carefully designed meditative routes, recalling pasturing and we can play with marbles and a spinning top. On the walls we discover messages and in the middle of the garden, a grotto that awakens the senses. A return to our origins, the whisper of leaves kissed by the wind and the secrets enclosed here make this unique site the perfect place to restore balance between body, mind and soul.

A soulful experience...


Rua Asseguia das Lages, 181, Alvados
2480-032 Porto de Mós